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The Rowley Family Crest

Each of the elements of a heraldic emblem like a coat of arms has meaning. Below, the various symbols of the Rowley crest have been individually explained. The sum of the elements of a Coat of Arms is intended to give the observer a sense of the man and his strengths. The story that this set of symbols describes is a heroic figure recognized for his valor and steadfastness but also with an easy-going and friendly style. His role in life was as a defender of the castle although he also traveled widely.


The star symbolizes honour, achievement and hope. A pierced, gold, five pointed star is called spur to indicate a Knight.


The scallop shell symbol is found in heraldry as a badge of those who had been on the pilgrimage to Compostela, (see legend of St. James ) although later it became a symbol of pilgrimage in general or. more generally, a traveler to far places.


The dove is a symbol of the soul and Holy Spirit. It means peace and purity. In Ireland the Dove was regarded as the bird of God.


Literally "with winds aft". With a favourable wind. The motto of H.M.S. Hood. These words were supposedly spoken by Admiral Sir Samuel Hood during the battle of Martinique. Also can be translated as "go with the flow", especially when coupled with Ventis secundis, tene cursum. where the whole translation becomes 'The winds being favorable, hold the course'

Engrailed Line

Refers to land or earth - together with the scallop implies land travel


The helmet symbolizes a wise defense

Awesome family spread across the U.S.


Ted, Genna, Finn & Parker

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